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main unit with position receiver
- receives the position from satellite
- alarms important changes of position via phone network
- 3 connectors for measuring tasks
  (e.g. tank, board accumulator, bilge)
- for hidden installation below deck
- internal battery, independent of the board network
- many important festures
    > extremely low energy consumption
    > many options
    > very easy use for anyone
    > very easily installed by anyone

Options for POSIDAT 02
- Interface for external satellite phone for transmission of the
  alarm reports (for world-wide safety)
- memory module for logging of the route
- 8 Inputs to connect external alarm sensors
  (e.g. ir-motion-sensors, motor sensors, door contacts,
  filler cap, ignition, fire etc.)
- 1 counter input (e.g. for monitoring of fuil consumption)
- slave stations for measuring or status observing
- Interface for a position display on board
- Interface for laptop
- Operating device
    > for remote control via wire
    > for hidden installation but for good handling near rudder
    > optional with display for visualisation of position